What do you want out of life? Do you want to lay down roots? Do you want to buy a house or start a family? Maybe you want to go to school, start a business, or save for retirement. No matter what, you have goals – and community banks like Oostburg State Bank are better positioned to help make them a reality.

But, how?

Community banks are better at helping you achieve your goals because our goals align perfectly with yours.

Think about it:

You want to lay down roots? We had the same goal over 114 years ago when we founded Oostburg State Bank. Now, our roots run very deep in the community.

Starting a family or buying (building) a house? When we started our family, we didn’t know it would grow to be as big as it is today. And as far as a house goes, we’ve helped build many of them in the area.

Launching a business? We’ve supported new and existing businesses – which helps the local economy, creates jobs and makes Sheboygan County a better place to live. In fact, we just received a 2021 Wisconsin Small Business Administration (SBA) Volume Lender Award for Most Loans Approved.

School, Retirement, Home Improvement – if you can dream it, we are on board to help.

At the end of the day, our goal is to help people improve their lives. So, whatever you want out of life, Oostburg State Bank is here for you.