Flexible Local Loans

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, take out a personal loan for a boat, establish a line of credit or go to college, Oostburg State Bank has flexible options to get the money you need with the personalized service you deserve.

Mortgage Loans

Buying a new home is already difficult, financing shouldn’t be. We offer loans with no surprises, and some of the lowest closing costs in the area.

Credit Cards

Great interest rates, optional cash back and flexible repayment terms, these Visa cards have it all – plus 100% local approval and service.

Personal Loans

Loans for fun things like cars, boats, RVs and home improvement projects, and no-so-fun things like debt-consolidation.

Home Equity

Safely and responsibly tap into the equity of your home, with flexible repayment options and no costly surprises or hidden fees.

Line of Credit

Funds at your fingertips – freeing you from overdraft fees or providing emergency cash when you need it the most.

College Students

Higher education can put you on the path to a successful future, but that route can get might expensive. Oostburg State Bank can help.

What Is Banking for Life?