Community banks have been serving Wisconsin communities since the mid-1800s, and while some of them have grown and merged their way to become big, national banks, many community banks have maintained a smaller presence in the areas they serve.

Because of this, when people choose a bank, they overwhelmingly gravitate towards bigger banks. Yet, these smaller community banks have survived – even thrived – without growing to become “too big to fail.” Why is that? Because unlike the big banks, community banks truly care.

Community banks like Oostburg State Bank maintain a vibrant presence in the community, they invest in local businesses, and they provide personalized service that other banks do not. They also provide the exact same modern banking solutions, at the same or less cost. With this in mind, we feel people should think about Community Banking first.

Here are 9 top reasons why you should bank locally, and over the next two months we’ll explain how each of them impact our customers and community.

  1. Longstanding History – Many communities are built around, or even by, these community banks.
  2. Better Service – Community banks provide the modern banking solutions you need, and the personal service you deserve.
  3. Fewer Fees & Surprises – Community banks offer many fee-free products, and provide personal and business loans at typically lower interest rates.
  4. No skimping on services – While other banks are eliminating services and locations, community banks are growing and ready to serve you better.
  5. Local Decisions – Community Bank employees are knowledgeable and accessible, and make all decisions on a local level.
  6. Friendly Local Faces – The people who run community banks are your friends, family and neighbors.
  7. Similar Life Goals – Our growth and your growth are symbiotic – your triumphs are our triumphs.
  8. Invested in the Community – Community banks are invested in the people and businesses in the areas they serve.
  9. Better Focused – We aren’t publicly traded on the stock market, or part of an international financial conglomerate – we are beholden to our customers and our community.