While other banks are eliminating services and locations, community banks are growing and ready to serve you better.

Change is good. It’s a phrase we all hear fairly frequently, but if change is so good then why don’t many banks count it anymore?

Remember going into a bank with a jar, or several jars, of accumulated pocket change and having the bank count it? We bet it was kind of fun trying to figure out how much was in there. But a couple of years ago, most banks opted to stop counting change.

We know, it seems like such a little thing, but there’s another phrase – it’s the little things that mean a lot. That’s something Community Banks, like Oostburg State Bank, really understand.

We still do a lot of things that the many banks don’t do anymore, like:

  • Have a person who answers the phone
  • Staff the counter with more than one person
  • Give out treats in the office during special occasions
  • Count our customers’ change and more

We know separately these things don’t mean much, but together they paint a picture of a bank that cares. One that’s willing to go the extra mile to serve its customers, and understands that the small things really do mean a lot.

If your bank doesn’t do the little things, maybe it’s time to change. Sometimes, change is good.