Most people don’t get thrilled about putting money in a savings account, but you should.

This higher-return Money Market Saving Account from Oostburg State Bank will really get you excited about savings.

By maintaining a minimum balance of $1,000*, this FDIC insured account will earn a higher guaranteed rate of return with interest paid to you monthly.

Benefits include:

  • Tiered variable interest > $10,000
  • No service charges
  • Available auto-savings plans
  • Mobile and online banking (including mobile deposits & transfers)

Current interest rates are available here.

It’s time for your money to start working for you. Contact us today.

* Money Market Savings balances that fall below $1,000 will not earn interest for the duration of time the minimum balance is not maintained.

Get a Money Market Savings Account Now

See the difference of banking local with Oostburg State Bank

Why Oostburg State Bank?

Many banks offer Business Checking services, but at Oostburg State Bank we focus on personal service. Included with your Business Checking account, you’ll have access to:

  • Real, local people who can answer your questions
  • Flexible banking solutions right for your business
  • Easy to understand terms and conditions
  • Convenient access to your money where you need it
  • The personalized service you deserve