What happens when you apply for a loan? At all financial institutions, loans go through an approval process, but what that evaluation looks like differs from bank to bank.

At many banks, loans are approved by an underwriter sometimes located in another state than where the loan is originated. This faceless person (or in some cases persons) review the loan request against a defined list of criteria – credit score, assets, income, current debts and so on. If the numbers do not fall into the criteria, the loan is denied.

It can be a cold and distant process designed to protect the financial institution, but not all banks process loan requests like this.

Many Community Banks, like Oostburg State Bank, look beyond the numbers at the big picture.

At Oostburg State Bank, we review all loan applications locally at each of our offices. Like other banks, we do look at the basic loan criteria, but we also consider other intangible things – like how the loan would benefit you, your family, area businesses, and the community.

We do this because we know that loans don’t just allow people and businesses to get money, they are used to beautify neighborhoods, build stronger families, create job opportunities and bring dreams to life.

We treat everyone like they are our neighbors, our friends, our family – because they are.

When someone requests a loan for a house, business or even a new boat, one of our knowledgeable and accessible loan officers will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your options, answer all your questions, and get you into the loan that’s right for you.

We believe that local decision-making is the key to providing better customer service and building a stronger community, and it’s just one of the things Community Banks like Oostburg State Bank do differently.

Come see us today and discover the difference that Community Bank can make!